Our latest issue of The Abolitionist takes on the theme of “Education.” Issue 24 looks at the importance of education in the movement to abolish the abby cut outPIC, as well as some of the ways radical education continues to grow, both inside and outside prison walls. Here’s a sneak peak from the Letter from the Editors:

“We struggle. We write. Prison abolition is not solely about walls; it is about consciousness. Prison abolition extends beyond the erasure of physical manifestations of the carceral state, but does not overlook them. Rather than relying on retributive justice models, such as our current criminal legal system, which are violent and oppressive, prison abolition challenges us to explore restorative and transformative models of justice. Prison abolition is an intentional and critical commitment to struggle, but it is also a battle of imagination, creativity, and love. It is about possibilities. It is expanding our mind to imagine a world in which prisons do not exist, one made up of societies and communities that are self-determined, accountable, safe, healthy, and free. To share those ideas with each other by any means necessary. And so, we dream; we read and we write.”




The Abolitionist is a bilingual publication circulated to over 3700 people in prisons, jails, and detention centers free of charge.  Paid subscribers help ensure that imprisoned people continue to receive those free copies. The paper is an important educational tool for people on both the inside and outside to grapple with the reality of the prison industrial complex and to learn about the different ways our communities are struggling against it. Each issue is primarily composed of pieces submitted by prisoners, former prisoners, and anti-prison advocates.

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