“Dear Abolitionist [editors], I just want to say that the work you guys do at The Abolitionist is inspiring. I have been receiving your paper for years now. I feel compelled to act. I would like to join the struggle to abolish the PIC. Please educate me on how I can do that.”
– Reader at Mule Creek State Prison

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What readers inside are saying:

“Thank you for the latest issue of The Abolitionist. I particularly liked the amazing news about the Chicago torture survivors, which is the first we are hearing of it. This gives us hope and incentive to continue our struggle.”

– Reader at Lawton Correctional Facility

“Someone shared Issue: 26 with me and I could not put it down.”
– Reader at Mule Creek State Prison


“I just wanted to update you & thank you for your efforts that I did receive 1 issue of the summer 2016 (And shared it!!).”
– Reader from Colorado Department of Corrections

“Dear Editors, kudos on the fine newspaper. Early one morning I happened upon a copy of the summer 2016 edition of the Abolitionist. I am very impressed. Probably no time in the last 100 years or so is the topic of prison reform so tantamount to who we are as a nation, and what type of nation we are to become. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to produce such important work.”
– Reader at Buena Vista Minimum Center

“Please send me your paper and anything you have to uplift my people. Your publication helps me out a lot.” 
– Reader at Hampton Roads Regional Jail

 “Abolitionist, peace to the movement and all of you who support it. My comrade allowed me to read your newspaper…I was hooked immediately. I would like to become a regular subscriber. From the dark bowels of Amerika’s prison system… I recognize the struggle! Peace.”
– Reader at Lewisburg United States Penitentiary

“Can you please add me to your mailing list? I enjoyed your newspaper.”  
– Reader at Central California Women’s Facility State Prison

“I found your paper surprisingly insightful and informative…I thank you and the rest of your staff for all the work you are doing to help inform prisoners and the public about the injustice occurring throughout the prison system and beyond.”
– Reader at Louisiana State Prison

“I came across your publication a few times at other prisons… I appreciate your newspaper and what it stands for. I look forward to receiving it. Thank you.”
– Reader at Westville Correctional Facilityabby web

“Greetings brothas and sister’s, I send my love and gratitude to you all. I really appreciate the book and newspapers you sent me. We don’t have that many organizations who sends us things, so you folks are really a blessings. Keep up the good work revolutionary love.”
– Reader at Corcoran State Prison

“I am currently on the last few (2-4) months of being incarcerated…Thank you so much for your excellent publication.” 
– Reader at Hightower Unit

“I appreciate what your publication is doing for our currently broken system. While I know reform and change occurs painfully slow, I’d like to see the PIC be broken and our system reformed for the betterment of our society. Thank you for providing free resources to prisoners also, as I am sure the cost to you is considerable.”
– Reader at Anchorage Correctional Complex West

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