Ifoma Modibo Kabon, Folsom State Prison in California,

Critical Resistance. In the prophetic words of the old abolitionist Fredrick Douglass, “Power concedes nothing without struggle or demand.” It never has, and it never will. We must continue to fight, planting seeds of possibility, change, hope and transformation. We must continue speaking our truth to power as we work to agitate, educate and organize the people in our struggle to give birth to a more fair and just society.

It is in our movement work and action that possibilities are born. We must continue to organize against class exploitation under racial capitalism, environmental racism, gender oppression, and all forms of oppression that deny us of our human rights to live in dignity. Our vision is emancipatory, our pathfinding of organizational stewards understood that our power lies in organization. 

The early visionaries that formed Critical Resistance understood that in order to rise against and weather the storms of the prison industrial complex, we must go through struggle. This is the very nature of life and power – the dialectical process of growth and revolution. It is in our personal and organizational struggles that a new consciousness emerges. Grounded in practice, theory, reflection, and more practice. 

Our cause demands bold strategy and new ideologies  to transform society at every level. Across these walls, we must continue to embody the spirit of Critical Resistance. A spirit of courage, resilience, strength and vision for collective liberation globally–To 25 more years of Critical Resistance, towards abolitionist horizons. 

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

-Ifoma Modibo Kambon

CA Hunger Striker, Folsom State Prison