Greetings to Our Supporters

            I would like to thank you all on behalf of myself and other prisoners here for your hard work and support of us. Thank you for putting a human face behind our voices.

            This is my third day of our peaceful non violent Hunger Strike. For all of you who are not aware and for you listeners hearing my words: know I’ve committed myself along with a few who joined me to stay on this Hunger Strike even if it means being placed on “feeding tubes.” If we should die in the process, so be it, for we are already dying a slow and torturous death on indefinite long term indeterminate solitary confinement for decades. Hundreds of us if not thousands around CDCR SHU’s have lingered in solitary confinement from 10 to 40 years never being charged with nor found guilty of any prison gang violence or prison gang activity.

            But simply based entirely on the word of prisoners who became informants seeking special privileges (benefits) out of the SHU. Their accusations identifying you as a member or associate alone is enough to keep you in the SHU 10 to 40 years without you ever being charged and found guilty of committing a serious disciplinary offense. We want an end to this abuse of arbitrary group punishment. We want an immediate end to indeterminate long term solitary confinement.

            Our 5 core demands are reasonable and seek no special treatments nor special favors. This is worth risking our health and dying for if necessary to end this blatant abuse of power.

            My family members, nephews/ nieces/ cousins and friends for years believed I’ve been in prison 30 plus years because I must be acting up. Thanks to the 2011 united Hunger Strike exposure getting international attention, my family members, nephews/ nieces/ cousins and friends who are stile alive and support me now see I, like many others here, haven’t spent all these years in a SHU because of misbehavior or conduct.

            T you beautiful peoples out there I say to you: (1) let your activism be enraged with love and compassion to pressure CDCR officials to end their reign of torture, (2) seek Public Records/ Internet to learn of the companies that CDCR does business with including PBSP and boycott their businesses, and (3) give us your fullest support and stand behind us in our Agreement to End Racial Hostilities among groups within CDCR and County Jails Facilities, etc.

            Some of us, like myself, are launching a new campaign to unite Afrikan prisoners from the Bay Area to join this movement to help reduce/ end the Black on Black violence in our communities and push the unity throughout California’s urban cities. I will depart with my utmost love and respect for you all. We are worth the fight. We aren’t the worst of the worst as CDCR officials continue to tell the lie. As an old comrade once told me may he rest in peace I will sign off with his quote…

Until it prove cut making or my end.

In Solidarity,


Contact me at
Paul A. Redd JRB-72683

P.O. Box 7500 D2-117

Crescent City, CA 95532