Want to do a workshop or presentation with Critical Resistance?

We love to build community with more movement partners through political education workshops and presentations. You can request Critical Resistance facilitates a workshop with your organization or community by filling out the form below. You can request one of CR’s Core Workshops listed above, or ask that we develop a workshop on a specific topic to better address the needs of your organization or community. 

A Critical Resistance member will respond to your request as quickly as possible once it is submitted. 

Request a Critical Resistance Presentation or Workshop!
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  • Share as much information as you can here. What level of understanding does the audience have to the PIC and abolition? What is their relationship to the PIC? What do you imagine they will do with the information shared in the workshop or presentation?
  • You can include more details on what you would like the workshop or presentation to focus on, specific requests for the kinds of activities or exercises you'd like us to develop, or any notes and requests on access needs for the group.
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