A CR Donor Webinar, December 2018

On Friday December 14, 2018 we hosted a special donor webinar on Critical Resistance (CR) conferences since 1998. Planners and organizing committee members reflected on the 20 year history of CR and the strategy behind hosting conferences to advance abolition. Speakers referenced a number of materials (publications, books, posters); we encourage you to seek them out.

Speakers include:

  • Ruthie Wilson Gilmore, moderator
  • Dylan Rodriguez, “Critical Resistance: Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex” (1998, Berkeley, CA)
  • Craig Gilmore, “Joining Forces” (2001, Fresno, CA)
  • Rachel Herzing, “CR East: Eastern Regional Conference” (2001, New York, NY)
  • Melissa Burch, “CR South: Southern Regional Conference” (2003, New Orleans, LA)
  • Rachel Herzing, “CR10” (2008, Oakland, CA)

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