By Rehana Lerandeau and CR’s The Abolitionist Editorial Collective

The following resource was created for Issue 38 of CR’s The Abolitionist newspaper, featuring articles and interviews on labor struggles and prison industrial complex (PIC) abolition. This feature resource was created by CR’s National Membership Coordinator, Rehana Lerandeau, to support imprisoned people preparing for release and formerly imprisoned people looking for work.

One of the key indicators of getting out and staying out is a person’s ability to secure employment upon release. This tool is designed to support people awaiting parole to prepare for the job market once released. We debunk a few common myths about employment for formerly imprisoned people while providing helpful job seeking tips.

The data and recommendations in this resource are compiled from sources such as the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, All of Us or None, the National Employment Law Project, the Society for Human Resource Management, and various industry experts who supported the creation of this resource. If you have further questions about anything in this resource, you can reach out to, or write to her at CR’s national office.

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