A Critical Resistance Donor Call, March 2014

Our March 2014 donor call featured presentations by four amazing organizers on the manifestations, impacts, and logic of surveillance, as well as how people are organizing and fighting back! 

Surveillance donor call

Jayden Donahue is a member of Critical Resistance and CR’s representative to the Bay Area Committee to Stop Political Repression (BACSPR).  Jay will discuss the work BACSPR is doing to support activists targeted by the state and the tools the coalition is developing to support activist communities to resist surveillance, infiltration, and similar forms of state repression.

Eric A. Stanley is a scholar, author, film maker, and the co-editor of Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex.  Eric will be talking about the impacts of surveillance on transgender and gender non-conforming communities and strategies for fighting back.

Liz Samuels is an Emergency Medicine Resident at Brown University and also holds a Masters in Public Health.  Liz will be describing some of the ways public health surveillance is used as a tool in service of the prison industrial complex and will raise issues about how the fight for public health can be compromised when that role is not taken seriously.

Hamid Khan is an organizer with Stop LAPD Spying, a broad coalition raising public awareness, participation, mobilization, action, and building a movement to resist police spying and surveillance.  Hamid will discuss predictive policing and community strategies for resisting spying by law enforcement.

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