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Art by Nicolas Lampert of Just Seeds Collective, featured in the upcoming issue of the paper.

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In the next issue…
  • “Facing the Right: A Conversation with Tarso Luís Ramos” – The Center for Political Education
  • “On US Political Prisoners” – Herman Bell**
  • “The View from in Here” – Robert Chan**
  • “Trumpism and the Magnitude of Mass Incarceration” – David Stein
  • “Don’t Just Fight, Build!” – Kali Akuno
  • “August Communique” – True Leap Press
  • “Statement of CA Prisoner Representatives on Second Anniversary of Ashker v. Brown Settlement” – Sitawa (S/N Ronnie Dewberry), Arturo Castellano, Todd Ashker, George Franco**
  • “From the Inside Out: A S.A.G.A to Remember” – Jason Lee Sutton**
  • “The Hard Road to Abolition // Strategies to Win: A Conversation with Ruthie Wilson Gilmore, Mariame Kaba, Mujahid Farid, and Abraham Paulos” – hosted by Critical Resistance
  • “Honoring Rose Braz” – Critical Resistance
** denotes an imprisoned author
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