After securing a court order for CA Correctional Center (CCC) in Susanville to close, Critical Resistance is working to expedite CCC’s closure as part of our work with Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB) to close ten prisons across CA by 2025 and free imprisoned loved ones now.


Take action with us TODAY!

Email Governor Newsom, CDCR & State Budget Committee to demand: “Close CCC, NOW!”



In September 2022, Lassen County Judge Robert Moody dismissed a lawsuit by the town of Susanville that sought to keep CCC open, a six-decade old facility with a $503 Million repair price tag and a bad reputation for racist abuse. While the 2022-23 state budget states that CCC must close by June 2023, that’s not soon enough.


People caged in CCC have been calling for the expedited closure of CCC for over a year citing harmful and toxic conditions which have been exacerbated by stalled closure. Imprisoned people describe the prison as “operating as though it’s already shut down,” with “no functional rehabilitative programs” and “extremely poor conditions” brought about by “intentional and manufactured staff shortages.”


We believe the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCr) has every ability to free more people, now. At the very least, prisoners must be moved safely out of CCC in accordance with their transfer requests. Safe transfers must include contingencies to prevent discontinuity in healthcare, loss of property, exposure to COVID-19, and bring incarcerated people closer to their loved ones.

CURB is demanding CCC be shut down before the June 2023 mandate. The challenges around CCC’s closure are a real-time example of why CDCR must develop and enact a concrete, comprehensive plan to close more prisons in California as part of the January 2023-24 proposed budget.

Take action with us today! Send a quick email to Governor Newsom, CDCR administrators, and CA State Budget Committees calling for a faster, safer closure to CCC that honors prisoners’ transfer requests, and ensures incarcerated people are not further harmed during this process.


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