In a time when our social safety net is facing BILLIONS in cuts, why does CDCR’s budget remain virtually untouchable? Governor Newsom’s budget creates a recipe for a cycle of imprisonment and captivity—cutting essential services that help address the root causes of harm and keep people out of the criminal legal system. We won’t go back to the regressive, “tough on crime” era that helped cause the imprisonment crisis in our state!


Join Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB)’s #CloseCAPrisons campaign in demanding that the Governor’s administration collaborate with the state legislature to implement the Legislative Analyst’s Office’s recommendation and close at least 5 more state prisons. Our state can save $1.5 billion in ongoing operational cost savings, plus billions more in infrastructure costs.
CURB believes this process should start with the urgent closure of the California Rehabilitation Center (CRC) in Norco.

 Check out CURB’s Overview of the 2024-25 May Revise Corrections Budget

Learn more about the budget at the upcoming CURB x Budget 2 Save Lives Budget Advocacy training on May 23rd  RSVP:

Closing at least 5 more state prisons sends a powerful message: CA will not go backwards! It’s more urgent than ever to curb prison spending and redirect funds to protect our communities from austerity measures. It is past time for California to invest in care, not cages.