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Critical Resistance (CR) is proud that The Abolitionist newspaper – CR’s longest running project to date, published since 2005 – remains a vital political education resource inside and outside of cages, with each issue distributed for free to nearly 5,000 people in prisons, jails, and detention centers internationally. Packed with analysis, reflection and grassroots examples and strategies about the featured topic, our newspaper connects organizing against the prison industrial complex (PIC) across prison walls, different geographies, and disciplines. CR’s first newspaper release of 2022 was Issue #37 on housing justice and PIC abolition (now available for free download on CR’s website). Next week, our second and final issue of the year, Issue #38 on labor struggles and PIC abolition, will be mailed out to about 5,500 subscribers inside and outside of cages.


Inside Issue 38 is a robust set of interviews, articles, news and resources connecting labor struggles and abolition, including: a roundtable discussion on union organizing; a statement by Pueblos en Camino of Cauca, Colombia on the 2021 People’s Strike in Colombia; a conversation with imprisoned columnist Stephen Wilson challenging analysis of the 13th Amendment and prison as “new slavery”; a new resource by CR for imprisoned people looking for work upon release with myth busting and job-seeking tips; an interview with Chanelle Gallant on the decriminalization of sex work as imperative to strengthening the labor movement and PIC abolition; and more!



Sneak a peek inside the issue by reading a feature interview with Melissa Burch on the rise of background screening in employment practices and what this means for people looking for work, as well as an additional early release article by Mujeres de Frente (Women Up Front) of Quito, Ecuador on feminist unionism before, during, and after the Indigenous-led national strike in June of this year.













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