The LA Sheriff and Board of Supervisors are continuing with their disastrous plan to build more jails, now attempting to move forward with rebuilding Men’s Central, to be known as the “Consolidated Correctional Treatment Facility”.

Critical Resistance LA, LA No More Jails, and Justice LA believe that locking people up in cages does not make anyone safer – it only serves to tear communities apart. There can be no life affirming treatment or care in a jail. We are working to stop this jail, and are demanding investment in resources that truly build strong communities.

As part of building a jail, the county must approve an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which assesses the impacts that the construction of the jail will have on the environment and the people of Los Angeles. The current EIR has done nothing to truly consider the possibility of avoiding jail construction by relying on decriminalization, diversion, and community based care.

We know that all jails are toxic! The County must do what is best for our environment and our communities and put an end to this jail plan. Public comment closes December 18. Fill out the form below to send your comment directly to the Board of Supervisors and the Chief Executive Office.

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