Critical Resistance & The Abolitionist Editorial Collective members Dylan Brown and Molly Porzig are at it again with CR’s second episode of “Over the Wall: The Abolitionist Hour,” a show on the Beyond Prisons Podcast that discusses issues of CR’s cross-wall newspaper, The Abolitionist.

Episode 2 – “Snuffing Out Revolution: Control Units & Resistance” – takes a dive inside Issue 40 which featured articles on control units and the movement to abolish solitary confinement. Together Dylan and Molly analyze the history, purpose, and proliferation of control units throughout the US and beyond, as they discuss key articles within the issue, which foreground organized resistance to control units while emphasizing the importance of rejecting cheap liberal reforms that dilute the long-standing abolitionist demand to abolish control units. In their discussion, Dylan and Molly bring in interviews they did with special guest Sahar Francis of Addameer, sharing updates from and connections of Issue 40 content to Palestine and the work to support and free Palestinian political prisoners since October 2023 as Israel continues to escalate its genocidal campaign on Gaza, along with Issue 40 contributing authors Masai Ehehosi, Kenjuan Congo, and Stevie Wilson to expand on their pieces in Issue 40 or importance of The Abolitionist newspaper project.

Listen to the episode on the Beyond Prisons Podcast website and streaming platforms (check the show notes for the links referenced in the episode throughout), or click the links below, and support this invaluable project and organizing tool with a subscription today.