In 2023, Critical Resistance’s editorial collective for The Abolitionist Newspaper began an exciting collaboration with the Beyond Prisons Podcast to do a regular podcast show for each issue of The Abolitionist, a cross-wall bilingual publication Critical Resistance sends to thousands of prisoners for free, featuring content dedicated to the strategy and struggle of prison industrial complex (PIC) abolition. 

“Over the Wall” launched with its first episode in September 2023, “Beyond Abortion: Reproductive Justice & Abolitionist Struggle,” which discusses issue 39 of The Abolitionist on reproductive justice, printed in June 2023. The second episode, “Snuffing Out Revolution: Control Units & Resistance” on Issue 40 (printed in December 2023) airs Spring 2024, and the third will air in the end of May of the same year, a few weeks before Issue 41 on ecological justice and PIC abolition prints in June.

Each episode, CR members from the editorial collective share some landscape assessment sketching out what news and conditions influenced the thinking behind each issue, and couple this reporting with interviews from contributing authors, some guest speakers, and more.



All episodes are posted to the Beyond Prisons website and streaming platforms, as well as on CR’s website under CR in the News.”