Our Abolition of Policing Workshop is a 2-hour workshop that focuses on defining policing, analyzing the historical development of policing as a strategy of repression and ways communities have resisted policing throughout U.S. history, exercises in discussing ways to abolish policing and resources for studying examples of resistance.

The goal of the workshop is to give participants an understanding and historical overview of policing in the US, and to provide abolitionist ways to resist and not rely on the cops in a range of situations.

Members of CR Oakland have offered this workshop to hundreds of community members and groups. In making this public, we hope that people everywhere will take this workshop and present it to their communities – to their neighborhoods, classrooms, workplaces.

Help us spread abolition by downloading (pdfs) the Facilitator’s Agenda & Notes, along with all the materials needs for the timeline and scenario activities below:

View an online compilation of the completed timeline and download a printable version with text and images compiled here.

Check out Anti-policing Resources for further study and learning here.