Today is #Giving Tuesday!

Make a gift to support The Abolitionist newspaper, an essential tool for political organizing with imprisoned comrades!

CR steadfastly continues to build connections across cages and walls. We maintain these robust methods of engagement and solidarity with people inside prisons, jails, and detention centers:

  • Phone lines that accepts collect calls from imprisoned people
  • Chapter mail programs, where we share information, resources, and political analysis with people inside who correspond with us
  • The Abolitionist newspaper

The Abolitionist newspaper is CR’s longest running political organizing tool that builds inside-outside connections. The Abolitionist newspaper editorial collective has produced three issues of the paper in the past year: Issue 34 on Neoliberalism and Fascism (released in the spring), Issue 35 on Defunding Policing (released in the summer), and Issue 36 “Pathways Toward Freedom,” which focuses on strategies for getting people out of cages, and is printing in December. Over 4,500 people in prisons, jails, and detention centers currently receive the paper, completely for free. We also engaged over 150 volunteers this year to audit thousands of prisoners’ current addresses to ensure imprisoned subscribers get their papers. Volunteer people power and paid subscribers are essential to staying in touch with people inside. Subscribe HERE to support this political organizing tool, and sign up an imprisoned loved one for a free subscription here.

In struggle and solidarity, 

Critical Resistance

Two More Ways to Support

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Support CR’s Prisoner Solidarity Holiday Mailing:

In addition to The Abolitionist newspaper, Critical Resistance is gearing up to send a postcard with beautiful art and a handwritten message of comradeship and struggle to the imprisoned folks we’ve connected with throughout the year. We are engaging volunteers and members across the organization to help with this sweet undertaking. We invite you to support this mailing by making a donation toward prisoner solidarity!

Thank you for helping us maintain crucial connections across walls and cages! Make a #GivingTuesday donation HERE!