CR’s Virtual Events

  • Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, many of our events & talks were moved online. Luckily, this has allowed us to more easily archive our events and make each one more accessible to abolitionists and supporters around the world. These events mostly include panel discussions with countless resources for abolitionist strategies, campaigns and questions shared throughout each one. See a complete list of these webinars here.

Abolitionist Tools

  • for download: Abolitionist Toolkit, What is Abolition?, What is CR?

Abolish Jailing

Abolish Policing

  • A list of resources, articles, a definition, and timeline.

Addressing Harm, Accountability, and Healing

  • A list of resources to support community-based accountability and healing


  • A list of some of the organizations that we work closely with and links to their websites.

Analysis Archives

  • Articles that highlight our work in the traditions of abolition and self-determination.

Uncoupling Health and Mental Health Care from Policing and Prisons

  • Articles, tools, and reports on the entanglement of health, policing, and prisons and ways to resist.

Watch/Listen More

  • Click here for over 40 videos from organizers, events, actions, and people speaking out in the struggle to abolish the PIC.